My Space

National Portrait Gallery / Fundamental Architects

My Space was a NPG project, including architects and artists working with young people across London exploring ideas around buildings, places and identity.

I worked closely with Stratford based architect/educator Nick Edwards and his dynamic group of young people called the Architect Crew.

Living in the heart of the Olympic regeneration, the group produced large-scale environmental portraits shedding light on their relationship to the urban development taking place around them.

Their work was part of the My Space exhibition at the NPG.

Creative Process

The first workshop was held at the NPG, using their collection to begin thinking about environmental portraiture.

Over the following weeks, the group developed skills with DSLR and medium format film cameras alongside discussions around regeneration and community

Together we went location hunting in their neighbourhood, finding places of personal significance for each participant to take their outdoor portrait. In contrast, we gained access to an empty showroom, one of the high spec developments in Newham, that we used as a backdrop for their interior portraits. It was a joy to work with this group of motivated and focused young adults.