The Victorians Pt. 1

Seven Mills Primary School / Bow Arts

This project presented the challenge of making the topic of the Victorian era relevant and exciting to 30 Yr. 5 pupils in East London. With the luxury of two terms, I was able to split the project into two parts.

For this part, I placed emphasis on empathy, inviting the children to imagine what it would be like to be the Victorian child in the photograph they were each given. Through poetry and portraiture each pupil created a triptych representing their relationship to their Victorian friend. This revealed cultural differences while also showing similarities between the participant and their Victorian counterpart.

Creative Process

The first 6 weeks of this project were focused on digital techniques, visual literacy, composition and developing confidence in front of and behind the camera.

The group developed their ability to work both independently and collaboratively. Towards the end of our first term together, they began to have an understanding of, and enthusiasm for, planning and realising a final piece of artwork.