Transformation - Arts Award Bronze

Sarah Bonnell School / Bow Arts

I chose the theme 'Transformation’ for this group of year 7 pupils as a starting point to explore the changes they were experiencing in their transition from primary to secondary school.

With great enthusiasm, they developed unique and personal stories. These included; the journey from depression to well-being, the transformation of a timid girl into a roaring lion and the life cycle of baby to grandmother.

Taking the theme one step further, the pupils transformed their photographs into a variety of final pieces including little books, 3D objects, collages, and mini sculptures.

Creative Process

I place a lot of emphasis on Part A of the Arts Award Bronze, where the participants develop, plan and realize a final piece of work. With the Transformation project, this included learning photographic techniques and then experimenting with different ways of manipulating photographs to convey ideas

I use Arts Award as a way to encourage and support young people to become aware of their own unique creative process. This includes recognizing how new experiences, such as our visit to Tate Modern, can be inspirational and help expand their ideas.

All the girls passed their Bronze with flying colours.